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Michael’s videos helped me land a job at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer after struggling to find tutorials online that were actually effective. Once I found Michael’s videos, I was able to solve the problems rather than simply memorize them. The animated lessons were incredibly helpful because they enhanced my understanding of the concepts in a way that static explanations alone could not achieve. With clear and concise explanations, he transformed complex coding problems into manageable challenges. His adeptness at breaking down the problems and walking through step-by-step solutions made even the most daunting coding tasks approachable.

Zain S.

I was able to land a job at Home Depot as a software engineer with Michael’s videos. The animated lessons are particularly useful because they allow you to picture complex concepts that are difficult to understand at first. I like that the explanations aren’t too long but detailed enough to where I’m able to pick things up quickly.

Flora K.

I landed a job at Shipt using Michael’s tutorials. His way of explaining interview problems allowed me to recognize similar patterns and, most importantly, think logically about problems and visualize them. Now whenever I encounter a problem, I’m able to see it more clearly. I recall the animation and know exactly what steps will help me arrive at the solution. I remember being very confused about a particular pattern and after watching his videos, it finally clicked! Overall, Michael’s animations helped me to think logically and truly understand data structures and algorithms.

Sonia G.

Michael’s teaching style very much speaks to someone like me who struggles at first with more dense concepts until it finally clicks. Not only is he patient with his explanations, he’s also able to identify an overlooked part of learning algorithm patterns in a way that makes them easy to understand. I'm huge on the visual aspect of learning and it really helps cement the concepts and patterns when I can recall a visual component to supplement the concept. His videos are thoughtful, adequately paced and thorough. In my last interview, I felt much more comfortable with the dreaded data structure and algorithm portion.

Adam B.

The animations are the reason I signed up for Michael’s courses. I saw his explanation for “Rotate Image” on YouTube and got a feel for his unique teaching style. I like that he explains the algorithm first then dives into the code before analyzing the time and space complexity. I’m not a native speaker of English and have to watch the videos a couple of times, but I’m still able to get a better understanding. I’m using Michael’s videos to help me study for Google interviews.

Bruce L.

The explanations I found in Michael’s videos are better than any others available online. He knows exactly how to teach in a step-by-step manner so I’m able to understand his solutions instead of my mind going blank. The animations allow me to easily visualize the logic and trace the code. I’m currently using his courses to help me prepare for interviews. The basics to expert style of teaching has been incredibly helpful for me. It has allowed me to recognize patterns in problems and understand when to apply specific techniques to solve them. This knowledge is especially valuable since these problems often have time constraints.

Oladipo A.

As a senior in college and visual learner, Michael’s animated lessons have been beneficial to me. The videos are clear and concise and allow me to solve problems that I had previously been stuck on. His step-by-step teaching style and thoughtful reflection on how a problem is solved are helpful. His lessons begin with a thoughtful consideration of the problem before moving on to the application. Knowing how to think, rather than the physical application of steps alone, has helped me gain a deeper understanding of coding interview problems and tackle them on my own. I am able to visualize complex problems and break them down into simplified forms. I now have the confidence to succeed in coding interviews. I’m currently applying to software development positions, and I’m rigorously utilizing these courses to prepare for my interviews.

Markus K.

Before finding Michael’s videos, I had a difficult time mastering algorithms and data structures. Michael’s approach to solving coding interview problems is easy to break down, and I like that he provides a structured curriculum to follow. Unlike other resources, Michael’s tutorials are backed up with animations, which makes it easy to remember and write an optimal solution.

Nyangasi A.

The visual explanations in the courses have helped me prepare for interviews. They’re easy to follow and break down the nuances of complex algorithms. It’s easier to absorb the information when you have animations like Michael provides.

Kevin J.

There are nearly 200 LeetCode questions on binary search, and it's quite challenging to solve all of them. Michael's lectures help you learn nearly all the important patterns, and get interview ready in just a dozen videos. The videos don't waste your time, and get straight to the point. The videos helped me tackle binary search questions in all the interviews where I was asked questions from this topic. Animations and visual representation help get more engaged with the difficult material. After all, humans are visual learners.

Tirtha G.

Michael’s animations of solutions are quite memorable and even better than most others I’ve seen. During my interview process, I recognized several of the problems that Michael covered. I was able to implement the patterns that he teaches in his step-by-step walkthroughs of algorithms.

Iskandar U.

The explanations I found in Michael’s videos are unlike any other place on the internet. He knows exactly how to teach in a step-by-step manner so I’m able to understand his solutions instead of my mind going blank. The animations allow me to easily visualize the logic and trace the code. I’m currently using his courses to help me prepare for interviews.

Preetam B.