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120+ hand-selected lessons to take your Leetcode study prep from overwhelming to strategic

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Mastering Sliding Window Problems

Learn how to identify and solve sliding window problems using two patterns — one for fixed size windows and one for dynamically sized windows.

Mastering Top K Element Problems

Learn how to solve a majority of top k element problems with two easy to follow patterns using priority queues and the quick select algorithm.

Mastering Binary Search Problems

Learn how to solve binary search problems with two patterns detailing the most common pitfalls, approaches, and goals for this category.

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Recognize patterns so you have a concrete study strategy that saves you time and headaches.

Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of different lesson modules through each course.

Master difficult Leetcode problems so you’re “interview ready” all the time.

Full access to problem solution, demo programs, and pattern code snippets.

Lifetime access so that you can review resources whenever you are planning to interview.

Unlock the confidence you need to ace tech interviews and land your next high-paying job.

Hi, I’m Michael Muinos!

I am the creator of the Algos With Michael platform. The material I teach is a curation of all the tips, tricks, and general knowledge I have learned from studying thousands of data structure and algorithm problems.

I credit this pattern focused interview prep strategy as the main reason that I was able to land high paying job offers from companies like Google, Salesforce, Coinbase, Atlassian, and more.

I hope to teach you these incredible tricks!